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This space was designed for lovers of fast cars and drag racing. Prepare to be intrigued by the latest news and articles in the world of drag racing. The sport has gained a lot of traction over recent years.

This site is for beginners and seasoned racers who have made their way around the track a couple of times. Get to know a little more about the sport by brushing up on the history of drag racing. Find out where it all began. Was the sport legal to start out with?

Get to grips with the technical aspects of drag racing and discover how cars are modified to enhance their performance during events and competitions. Are there any rules and regulations related to how much you can modify a car? How much is too much?

Learn about a series of fouls that will land any race driver, no matter how talented, into a bit of trouble. These fouls can get any driver disqualified on the spot. Racing enthusiasts can take some pointers here if they are looking to make it big on the racetrack.

Safety should always be the number one priority in any sport. Find out more about the safety rules in drag racing. These safety rules have been known to save a life many countless times. This channel covers all the basics about drag racing to ensure that readers are equipped with the necessary knowledge to succeed on the track.

Read about the racing champions of the past and about how much they managed to achieve during their drag racing careers. These stories will inspire followers on this site to follow their dreams and to reach for the stars.

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