Why are Cars Modified for a Drag Race?

Cars are simply modified to perform better during drag racing events. During drag racing events, the extent of the modification depends on the classification of the vehicles.

Modification of Cars

The sport has a series of divisions to ensure that the cars are evenly matched during the race. All of the divisions cannot be applied. As the vehicles are modified for performance and to make them lighter as compared to their standard form, they become more formidable contenders on the racetrack.

Enhancement in Cars

All the performance enhancements that a racing team wishes to apply to their vehicle needs to comply with the rules of the International Hot Rod Association (IHRA). The limitations and restrictions are based on the class of the vehicle.

Vehicles will undergo inspection prior to the race to ensure that it meets all the rules and standards of the IHRA. Vehicles that do not meet the necessary requirements can be disqualified at any time.

Many drag racing games have been used to test certain vehicle modifications prior to modifying the car in real life. This is the same as players testing table games online at mFortune before trying them out in real life on the casino floor. Racing-themed casino games have also been designed to let racers simulate their racing experience.

Examples of Enhancement

Drivers have been known to use slick tires during a drag race. These tires are normally smooth and soft enough to grip the track. Vehicles with a better grip on the track will invariably perform better on the track than vehicles with ordinary tires.

There have been a series of methods invented to introduce more air into the motors. This air aids in exhilaration. Devices that have been used include superchargers, turbochargers, and nitrous oxide (N20).

Modifying a vehicle for a drag race is part of the fun. However, it is crucial that these modifications abide by the rules of the IHRA.

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