How Does Drag Racing Work?

The sport of drag racing is based on the acceleration of two vehicles from the point of standstill (starting line) to a finish line. There is a standard measurement of the distance between the starting line and the finish line.

The game is normally played via tournament-style eliminations. The loser of the race in each contest is eliminated, and the winning racers continue racing until one remains.

Each race starts with help from an electronic device that is commonly called a Christmas Tree. This device is equipped with a pre-stage light beam and three larger amber bulbs (stage light beam) composed of an orange bulb, a red bulb, and a green bulb below the smaller lights.

When the racer rolls into the stage beam, the front tires should be on the starting line. The stage bulbs will then light up, and this is an indication that the vehicle is ready to race. The racers will then focus on the three large amber lights on their side to tell them to start the race.

The flashing configuration will depend on the type of racing. In most cases, all three amber lights will flash simultaneously, followed four-tenths of a second later by the green light.

A device measures the elapsed time (e.t.) for each run. The vehicles leave the staging beams and activate the e.t. clock, which stops when the vehicle reaches the finish line. Each lane on the track is timed independently. The first vehicle across the finish line wins.

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